Photography Collection-01

2016 - Camping adventure and some neighbourhood things

Sightglass coffee building on 20th street
Walgreens on 24th street
Christoph drinking coffee
Computer and music making machines
Table with succulents and plants

2016 - Photo adventures with friends

Janice and Stan with cameras
Hotpot preperation
Camera and sunglasses

2016 - Hawaii

Honolulu skyline in Hawaii
View of the ocean with an island in Hawaii
Modernist architecture in Hawaii
Rocks in Hawaii
Sign on the beach in Hawaii

2016 - Friends visiting and an outdoor party

Living room with cat cutout
Dancing shoes
Amelie and Vince
Haylee with a bag of chips
Clay studio

2016 - burning man

Burning man two statues
Camp hope setup
White translucent things in burning man
Mushroom things in burning man
Aida and Nikki at Camp Hope
Break your boxes at Camp Hope
View of the playa

2015 - Amélie & Vince

Chris, Vince and Amelie
Shooting boys at the gun range
Itai the priest

2015 - Sunset Camp-out

Jonny in the disco room
Guy with hat at techno party
Aida and Christoph
Jonny with a cup
Sunset camp out wristband
Aida and Christoph