Photography Collection-04

2017 - The last days in the mission

Ally ways in the mission district
Shantell Martin murals in San Francisco
Shoes in sightglass
tattoo on neck

Golden Gate BBQ

People having picnic
Monya and Amelie
Salad stuff
Marcus, Etai and Kyle
Jerome cooking

2017 - SF MOMA Visit

Brush and paper
looking at sculptures
Perfect couple
sticks and lights
Interesting being
mini objects
Girl listening to sounds

2017 - Farewell team thingy and packing stuff

Strahan and Stan
Mike and Annie at zeigeist.jpg
Kate and taylor's friend
Gabriella and Jason
Ross and Taylor
Christian and Max.jpg
Flipped chair
Blue Milkcrate
Bernal Heights

2017 - Hanging out with friends before moving

Matt and Daisy
Matt & Daisy
Jing and Mark
Matt's last brunch
My shoes

2017 - First few days in Brooklyn

Museum PS1
Outside in brooklyn
Athena in a new place
I have everything but I am alone
Gio fixing electronics
Graphics in Williamsburg streets
Empty table