Photography Collection-02

Friends visiting

Living room succulent plants and guitar
Robin sitting on couch
Spinning object in the air
All day I dream
Plants in the back room of 24th street house

Pride and things

Food at BBQ place in dogpatch
Rail tracks
Highway overpass
Stacks of chairs at Urban Ore
Matt & Daisy


People running in the fields
Empty hills
Bokah plants
Solene walking during a hike
Pipe sticking out of hills
girl with backpack looking into the distance

Joshua tree

Power lines
Mojave sands hotel at the joshua tree
Joshua trees
Shrubs in joshua tree
cactus in joshua tree
pond at mojave sands
Cactus at mojave sands
Girl with backpack walking
record player and cool collection of records and a table
More shrubs
Concrete factory in the desert
Car driving into the distance

House warming and local things

Arduino and other electronic equipment
playing beerpong and the old burmese flag
Christoph looking for a drink
Plants and speakers
Apartment building in the richmond

Gio's visit and waterfalls

Gio with macbook pro
Hiking signs for Alamere falls
Hiking through a path
Hiking in Alemere falls
Dancing feets
Pepper plant

Weekend things with Aida

Aida with a group of plaster models
White shoes
Another girl with backpack on a busy mission street
cars in front of sightglass coffee
Matt and Daisy talking to someone
Breakfast or lunch at Solene's garden