Photography Collection-03

2017 - Amilie's bday and coffee weekend

Things on the street
Haylee Jung
Amelie, Vince and Haylee
Truck with Graffiti
Flowers in Bokah
Trouble coffee's sugar stash

2016 - Kayak adventure and music weekend

Beau Taking a photo of kayak
Cooking bagels with camping stove
Jerome, Beau and Sheena on the beach
Setting up camp
Jerome Tave making music
Nick talking
Contax film camera

2016 - Launch day at Uber

Strahan and Ben talking about visual design
Haylee infront of wireframes
Final design tweeks with Ross
Ross, Taylor and Kate
Jenny is not impressed

2014 - Dogpatch and Dolo movie

Kin Khao's forks and spoons
R/GA office San Francisco
Dolores park movie nights
Jordan and Jackie
People walking in dogpatch
Jackie in the BBQ place
Food at smokestack
Jordan walking into the shop
BBQ at smokestack
people walking by the water

2015 - Toast and pingpong

Expensive toast at Trouble Coffee
Trash bin at Trouble coffee
Child on mother's back crossing the road
Parker playing pingpong
More Parker playing pingpong
Graffiti in San Francisco

2017 - Jerome's wood shop

Plants at Flora Grubb
Jerome Tave in his wood shop
Will and Jerome in the shop
Stuff on the shelf
Athena the cat sleeping in her scratch box
New Leica Lenses
Mission district on 24th street
Homemade light and hanging art
Eames chair and its legs.

2017- Archery with the business platform team

Animal heads
Wall at the shooting range
People in business platform team
Uber employees at the archery range
Man with bow
Arrows and targets at the archery range