Crispin Porter + Bogusky // UX Designer



Responsible for design, research, concepting and creating artifacts and documentation for multiple client accounts.

Dominos Pizza - Brand ecosystem development


Dominos pizza - Pizza Builder


Domino's pizza - Email Opt-in/Opt-out


Dominos pizza - Checkout flow optimization


Dominos pizza - Think oven

Idea incubation service for Dominos customers


Dominos Pizza - iOS mobile app


American Express Open Forum - Sounding board

Forum development and engagement platform development for small businesses


Arbys - website redesign


Mt pleasant group - The worms and the daisy

//Funeral home service design


Burger King & Direct TV - Whopper Lust

Interactive experience to watch a spinning whopper to win prizes


Other projects:

Microsoft Windows(Back to school facebook campaigns),

Windows Phone (Campaign and retail strategy),

Bing (Campaign promotions),

Kraft Mac&Cheese(Social media strategy),

Belvita Breakfast ( and facebook page design),

Milka(social campaigns) ,

Paddy Powers(ecosystem planning),

Angel’s Envy(product development concepting),

Toronto Tourism(Campaign site),

Metlife(Campaign app), Diesel(Campaign strategy),