Sound - Spiritual Sonic Explorations for Healing Purposes

Exploring the sonic landscape as a ritual to search for the possibility of healing ambient sounds.





Devices used in sonic explorations:


Current Setup


Modular Eurorack system //

Mutable instruments - Rings, Branches, Ripples, Ears, Peaks

Make Noise - Erbe-Verb, Contour, Optomix, Wogglebug, Morphanage, Mysteron

Noise Reap - Bermuda,

Mannequins - Three Sisters, Mangrove

Malekko - Mix4

Intelligel - Dixie2, uJack, 

Squarp Instruments - Hermod Modular Brains



Misc Equipments //

Teenage Engineering - OP-1

Critter & Guitari - ETC



Previous Setup - RIP


Elektron - Machinedrum

2HP - Rnd

Toppobrillo - Quantimator

Mutable Instruments - Clouds, Grids

Make Noise - Maths, 0-Coast

Noise Reap - LFO