Uber // Lead product designer >> Senior product designer >> Design manager



Responsible for design solutions around automating and scaling the creation of web properties on uber.com. This project consist of many inter-disciplinary approaches to tackle problems around service design, interaction design, visual, product and tool design. It also involving working with multiple verticals within Uber, external consultants and the internal brand teams. 

Digital web ecosystem development


CMS scalability and global team structure development process 


Training process development with team and rolling out global summits for our new product.


CMS tool concepts

Conceptual model development for team alignment, Vision definition. Final tool designs created by a dedicated tool designer.


Modular content blocks development for uber.com

Final Block designs and specifications created by multiple team members on the team including me. We created over 40+ blocks types and 17+ families. The size of the library will continue to grow as we scale the platform to meet every teams needs.


Site Architecture development

*Other notable contributors to the projects above.

Jeff Jura: https://www.linkedin.com/in/jeffjura/

Haylee Jung: https://www.linkedin.com/in/hayleejung/


Fares for drivers

Tool designs for display of realtime rates and fares within the driver portals.


Miscellaneous sketches